SURF KIDS afterschool program

surf kids dxb afterschool

Amphibious Surf School offers a Surf Kids Afterschool Program that allows kids to learn and have fun beyond their classrooms. Kids will grow in a safe, supportive, supervised environment.

Water Sports and physical activity keep children moving and engaged. This includes proper technique, skills, strategies and rules. We also emphasize mindful play, leadership, teamwork and respect for others.

Amphibious Surf School has highly-trained, experienced instructors capable of inspiring students. This gives your child a leg up when it comes to learning. We work hard to help students become the best versions of themselves.

Our Surf Kids Afterschool Program includes all surfing knowledge and skills, strength training, ocean awareness, life saving skills, open water swim, and paddle boarding. We will encourage the new generations to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle thru our surfing culture. Our afterschool program aims to educate the young ones in a positive fun way.

  • ACTIVITIES: Surfing, Paddleboarding, Open water swim, Kayaking, Lifesaving Skills, Ocean Awareness
  • PERIOD: 8 Weeks
  • START DATE: Sept. 23, 2023
  • LOCATION: Sunset Beach
  • NOTE: Classes are charged on a termly basis


surf kids dxb afterschool


  • Classes are charged on a termly basis.
  • Students must arrive 10 minutes prior to the activities.
  • Surfing is entirely dependent on the weather and sea conditions, we do our BEST to guarantee the hours of surfing experience.
  • On flat days or no wave days, we will do other activities such as paddle boarding, open water swim, kayaking, and ocean awareness.
  • This group class is specifically designed for young surfers (ages 5-11) to get comfortable in the ocean, learn safety techniques, and practice proper surfing and other related water sports activities all in a small group setting. This is a more of an intro to surfing as well as how to approach the ocean that will also incorporate as much surfing as possible! 
  • If cancelled by Amphibious Surf School due to inclement weather or unexpected situations, we will inform you beforehand and re-schedule for makeup lessons. If you cannot attend any session, or makeup, we have no refunds policy.